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My script:


cp -f host.tpl host.conf
mkdir -p /var/www/$1

sed -i $server_replace host.conf

sed -i $alias_replace host.conf

File in which i'm doing replacemants (vhost.tpl):

    ServerName {server_name}
    ServerAlias {server_alias}
    DocumentRoot /var/www/{server_name}

It works fine when I'm creating vhost with one server alias

./vhost.sh domain.com www.domain.com

But when I want to have more aliases

./vhost.sh domain.com "www.domain.com m.domain.com"

script fails with message like

sed: -e expression #1, char 31: unterminated `s' command

Do I have to escape space character in some way to use it in replacement string?

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Just put a pair of double quotes around the $alias_replace reference:

sed -i.bkp "$alias_replace" host.conf

It should do the trick. You just need to do it in the second sed call but I would strongly suggest you tho quote both variables.

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I would swear that I've tried it... But it works, thanks! –  dev-null-dweller Aug 10 '11 at 6:25
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sed -i -e "s,{server_name},$1,g" -e "s,{server_alias},$2,g" host.conf

No need for two commands. Every need to use the double quotes.

You could avoid the -e options if you wanted to; I find them clearer than the alternative.

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