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In deploying some clojure code to a new server, I've been having problems with RejectedExecutionException and unresponsive agents. Small examples in the REPL such as

(pmap #(% %) (range 10))

seem to work fine. However, running either pmap or pcalls throw RejectedExecutionExceptions after consuming some (a varying number, but never more than a handful) of a lazy seq. Agents, in comparison, don't throw RejectedExecutionException. The agents can be initialized but don't execute any actions dispatched with send or send-off.

The problem with agents sound much like the symptoms described here. Also, I'm not using shutdown-agents anywhere.

I apologize in advance for lack of reproducible example. My primary difficulty with this issue is not being able to reproduce any of this behavior on other machines. Any suggestions are welcome!

Using 64-bit HotSpot Java 1.6.0_20 and clojure 1.2.1.

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You're probably using a version of Leiningen that is broken, or have multiple conflicting versions of it and/or swank. See - one of the many discussions about this issue, and the only one I can conveniently find at the moment.

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You pegged it! It seems to me like several of the 1.6.* releases have these problems. Went back to 1.5.2. – homer Aug 10 '11 at 23:55

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