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Anyone used this to cancel a previously scheduled Local Notification? I see it in the documentation but can't get it wired up in code.

UIApplication.SharedApplication.ScheduledLocalNotifications schedNoteList = new 
        foreach(UILocalNotification sNote in schedNoteList)
            if(sNote.FireDate == oldDate)
                //Cancel the Notification

Thanks, Rick

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This code will compile:

    foreach(UILocalNotification sNote in UIApplication.SharedApplication.ScheduledLocalNotifications)
        if(sNote.FireDate == DateTime.Now)
            //Cancel the Notification'
            UIApplication.SharedApplication.CancelLocalNotification (sNote);

but I cannot say if it will do what you want it to do (since I mostly reworked your code using MonoDevelop code completion).

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Works great except that you have to convert the FireDate to DateTime or the the other date to NSDate. And the compare date to UTC - Then I had to compare the string values to get it to work... Not sure why that was - if(NSDateToDateTime(sNote.FireDate).ToString() == oldDate.ToUniversalTime().ToString()) – Rick Aug 10 '11 at 21:14

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