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I need to get the user's app version number and compare it with the current app version on my server. If the user's app version is lower, then he will get a pop-up to update his app. While doing this, I need to compare the version of the app with the versions that are available. How can I compare the strings which are in the format "2.0.1" and "2.0.09" and get the highest one, in Objective-C?

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I haven't tested this (not on OS X now) so this is a complete shot in the dark. How about using the compare:options: method of the NSString class?

NSString *v1 = "2.0.1";
NSString *v2 = "2.1";

NSComparisonResult *r= [v1 compare:v2 options:NSNumericSearch];
if (r == NSOrderedSame || r == NSOrderedDescending) {
    // do
} else {
    // do

Does that work?

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If your strings are all of the form "2.0.1" etc. you can just compare them as is with the right options:

([localVersionString compare:currentVersionString
                     options:NSNumericSearch] != NSOrderedAscending);

The above would return "YES" if the localVersion is no older than the currentVersion on the server, and "NO" otherwise (assuming I have this the right way round).

This is the usual thing to do when checking the local version of iOS installed on an iDevice.

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NSNumericSearch is a much better option than doing it manually. –  benzado Aug 10 '11 at 1:25

As answered in this post; compare version numbers in objective c

Check out my NSString category that implements easy version checking on github; https://github.com/stijnster/NSString-compareToVersion

[@"" compareToVersion:@""];

This will return a NSComparisonResult which is more accurate then using;

[@"1.2.2" compare:@"" options:NSNumericSearch]

Helpers are also added;

[@"" isOlderThanVersion:@""];
[@"" isNewerThanVersion:@""];
[@"" isEqualToVersion:@""];
[@"" isEqualOrOlderThanVersion:@""];
[@"" isEqualOrNewerThanVersion:@""];
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