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I'm trying to create a Redirect timer plugin from all JS (JQuery) but for some reason its not updating the timer since I started using a different method:

(function( $ ){
  $.fn.redirect = function( options ) {  
   var settings = {
      'second' : '10'
    var options=$.extend( settings, options );
    return this.each(function() {
    var o=options;
var Seconds = o.second;
}   });   };
  })( jQuery );

Note this is not the whole code but you can check out the whole code here:

The reason I didnt just post the code here is because I think that JS Fiddle is easier to edit with. Some people complain that I only give a link but note: "When you click the link it WILL give you a code in an edit"

At the moment it is messy and hard to read, but once I get the seconds to work correctly I can set everything up like its suppose to.(:

Any suggestion would be helpful.

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Your problem is that you have a variable Second in this statement:

setTimeout("$('#re_message').hide();$('#redirect1').delay(50).fadeIn();", Second + 500);

when it should be Seconds. If you fix that the script will work. I recommend using Firebug (in Firefox) or Web Inspector in Safari/Chrome, the console in both those tools could've pointed you towards that issue within seconds. ;)

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