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I have three td's and am trying to limit the function inside each to only that td. How do I do this? With this code, it's taking all 3 images and inserting all of them before the h2:

jQuery("td.frontpage_news").each(function() {
    jQuery("span.frontpage_news p:first-child").has("a img").insertBefore("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news");      });
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You can use $(this) to get the element currently being processed by the each - using that object in conjunction with find will allow you to scope your calls:

jQuery("td.frontpage_news").each(function() {
    var $that = jQuery(this);
    var $thatHeading = $that.find("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news");
    $that.find("span.frontpage_news p:first-child")
         .has("a img").insertBefore( $thatHeading  );

This assumes that the content heading and front page news items are children of the td.

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It's still inserting before all h2's. Can I do the same $this to limit the h2? something like insertBefore(this).find("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news"); –  lee Aug 10 '11 at 4:07
I think your latest code worked. I tried this inside the 'each': jQuery(this).find("span.frontpage_news p:first-child").has("a img").insertBefore(this).find("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news"); , but it was inserting it a level above the h2 (sibling to the td) for some reason. –  lee Aug 10 '11 at 4:14

You can do it without using each. Just use this:

jQuery("td.frontpage_news span.frontpage_news p:first-child").has("a img").insertBefore("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news");   

If you really need to use an each then provide the this context to jquery to search withn

jQuery("td.frontpage_news").each(function() {
    jQuery("span.frontpage_news p:first-child", this).has("a img").insertBefore("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news");      
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Try this:

jQuery("h2.contentheading.frontpage_news").before(jQuery("td.frontpage_news span.frontpage_news p:first-child").has("a img")); 
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