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Is there any site for technical books reviews and comments. So that it is very useful before reading the book.

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I usually use Amazon's reviews and whatever a search finds me. Ideally I like to see a review weigh up pros and cons with examples of both the good and the bad, rather than just saying "This book is great."

There's a problem with reviewing technical books though: if you don't know the topic, you can't judge how accurate the book is, but you get a rough idea of how well it explains things (in terms of whether or not you get lost). If you do know the topic, you can judge accuracy but you can't judge how useful it would be to a newbie. I've blogged about this in more detail. (If you happen to want to read a review of any book I've reviewed, I have a book review tag on my blog. I tend to be harsher than most reviewers, partly because I have a very high standard for accuracy (not that I'm claiming to meet it myself), but I do at least explain why I do or don't like a book.

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