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I have a StatusStrip which has been work well. It has such an order for its item: a progress bar, a label which spring is true and other 6 label behind it. Now I intend to add a dropdown button behind the progress bar, I insert it in item collection and move up it to second place in the collection. In VS2010, this button can display correctly behind the progress bar, but when debug the application, it appeared in the last of the status bar, which is in the most right. Does anybody meet this before? How can I order it correctly?

Another information is this StatusStrip used ToolStripContainer as its container, like this: this.toolStripContainer1.BottomToolStripPanel.Controls.Add(this.statusStrip1); I think this is the reason why I cannot insert new item, but still do not know how to modify it. Ctrl+F5 without such issue, is this VS2010's problem?

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No, it's not working for my issue. But thanks. –  Gavin Aug 12 '11 at 1:27

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