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I need to use the method IsPathCacheable in the IOfflineFilesCache interface to check to see if a UNC path is being cached:


Has anyone defined this interface for use in Delphi (I'm using Delphi 2010) or know of another way to achieve this (aside from defining it myself)?


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You can use WMI to access offline files: The Win32_OfflineFilesItem class can be used to enumerate them and inspect their properties.

To spare you the hassle of setting up WMI for yourself I would suggest the excellent Delphi WMI Class Generator. It will generate the unit uWin32_OfflineFilesItem.pas containing a wrapper class called TWin32_OfflineFilesItem which can be used as follows:

uses uWin32_OfflineFilesItem;

  OfflineItems: TWin32_OfflineFilesItem;
  i: Integer;
  OfflineItems:= TWin32_OfflineFilesItem.Create;
  for i:= 0 to OfflineItems.GetCollectionCount-1 do
    Memo1.Lines.Add(OfflineItems.ItemPath);  // <-- this gives the UNC path

(There is one other unit involved, uWmiDelphiClass.pas, which comes with the Delphi WMI Class Generator download.)

You can use the same approach to access the methods of Win32_OfflineFilesCache (which corresponds to IOfflineFilesCache). Unfortunately there the method IsPathCacheable is missing, thus the need to use above approach.

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