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Good day!

I have a constant class that I want to automatically include upon the creation of my wsdl.. But whenever I automatically generate the client on my IDE, the constant_class doesn't appear.. Why? How can i resolve this problem..

My code is as follows:


public final class TestConstants {

    public static String TEST_CONSTANT = "TEST_CONSTANT";


Thank you.

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I'm not sure you can pass constants in a WSDL. Much less define a class that's nothing but a constant (no methods). Look here for possible ideas: – paulsm4 Aug 10 '11 at 5:38

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As far as I know you can't include constants in WSDL.

If you need to specify some set of constants to use, you might get away with it by using entities.

Another approach will be by use of enumerations to reduce the possible values:

<xsd:simpleType name="ConstantsType">
  <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string">
    <xsd:enumeration value="TEST_CONSTANT_1" />
    <xsd:enumeration value="TEST_CONSTANT_2" />
    <xsd:enumeration value="TEST_CONSTANT_N" />

and then have some elements be of that type (i.e. their value is one of the constants):

<xsd:element name="SomeElement" type="ConstantsType" />

But besides these two solutions I don't really see how to include constants in WSDL.

That class does not seem to me that is has a relation with the message contract of a service so that it should belong in a WSDL. What are you trying to do? Maybe there is a better way to do it.

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