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pls any one help me

i have create the edges in my project.i know how to check touch position is inside the shape

if (fix->TestPoint(locationWorld))
        CCLOG(@"****touch inside shape***");

but i want create hexagon shape and i need to ball create inside hexagon shape and move inside hexagon.

i did ball move inside hexagon shape using below code: b2BodyDef groundBodyDef; groundBodyDef.position.Set(0, 0); b2Body* groundBody = world->CreateBody(&groundBodyDef);

int countVal=[pos count];
// Define the ground box shape.
b2PolygonShape groundBox;
int range=[pos count]-2;


for (int i=0; i<=range; i=i+2)
    float x1,y1,x2,y2;

    x1=[[pos objectAtIndex:i] floatValue];
    y1=[[pos objectAtIndex:i+1] floatValue];

    if (i==range)
        x2=[[pos objectAtIndex:0] floatValue];
        y2=[[pos objectAtIndex:1] floatValue];

        x2=[[pos objectAtIndex:i+2] floatValue];
        y2=[[pos objectAtIndex:i+3] floatValue];



    groundBody->CreateFixture(&groundBox, 0);


but i dont know how to find touch position is inside polygon shape.i use cocos2d with box2d

pls any one help me

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Huh? The box2d world is headless, it has no interface of its own and no concept of a "touch position". It's the executing CCScene that has these things, so you need to add code to determine if/when/where the user is touching your CCScene, and then additional code to interpolate between a location in your CCScene and a location in your box2d world. Then you see if your interpolated location is inside of your box2d shape. –  aroth Aug 10 '11 at 5:40

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Finally i got the answer: i am checking if the point is inside polygon:

int pnpoly(int npol, float *xp, float *yp, float x, float y)
  int i, j, c = 0;
  for (i = 0, j = npol-1; i < npol; j = i++) 
    if ((((yp[i] <= y) && (y < yp[j])) ||
         ((yp[j] <= y) && (y < yp[i]))) &&
        (x < (xp[j] - xp[i]) * (y - yp[i]) / (yp[j] - yp[i]) + xp[i]))
      c = !c;
  return c;
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Holy math! Does this function require the coordinates array to be in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction? (if I remember correctly from my college class the direction of the coordinates does matter for this kind of geometric algorithm) –  Lukman Nov 22 '11 at 7:16
it require counter-clockwise direction. –  banu Nov 22 '11 at 8:00

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