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I have a input file with delimiter as "||".

As you can see there are two characters but batch accepts a single character as delimiter.

How to go about this issue??

Issue Batch-591 in Jira shows as resolved -- Is it possible to use multiple characters as delimiter ??

Thanks, Nik

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The referenced issue is resolved as wont-fix. This means they don't see the necessity of this issue.

But I guess you are recommended to implement your own Tokenizer class (probably extending AbstractLineTokenizer), using a workaround strategy like this one.

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Thanks for the reply Sean!! – Vicky Aug 11 '11 at 3:25

org.springframework.batch.item.file.transform.DelimitedLineTokenizer has two constructors :

DelimitedLineTokenizer() is the default constructor for the common case where the delimiter is a comma and is invoked automatically for a single character.

DelimitedLineTokenizer(java.lang.String delimiter) is used when the delimiter is of multiple characters.

Specify java.lang.String in constructor-arg type.

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