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Do visual basic forms each run in separate memory and if not is there a way that I can force them to do so. I want them to be in separate memory so that if one form freezes the entire program won't.

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You're really asking about separate threads rather than separate memory. If you have several forms within the same application, they will usually run within the same thread. While you can force each window to use a different thread, that will make your life much more complicated at other times.

I would recommend that instead of trying to work around the problem of one form freezing, you simply fix it so that it doesn't freeze. To do that, you should avoid doing significant amounts of work on the UI thread - you should use background threads or asynchronous operations to avoid blocking the UI thread.

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I'm making a Virtual OS and when people run many windows on older computers it freezes up. Also I have some full games that are very Ram Intensive because they are 3-d and may have many things on screen at once at times. – carstorm Aug 10 '11 at 6:25
@carstorm: It really depends on what you mean by a "Virtual OS" - if you want to enforce separation, you should be using different AppDomains or even potentially different processes. – Jon Skeet Aug 10 '11 at 6:37

Jon Skeet's gives you the idea but here's the specific class & code snippet to create responsive UI.

class: BackgroundWorker

code snippet: Using BackgroundWorker class for long running processes in WPF or Silverlight

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