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I have portlet project which runs using build.xml. I want to shift to maven based build management.

  1. How can i map build.xml to pom.xml?

  2. How can i write goal for every target in build.xml?

  3. Whether it is good to use maven maven-antrun-plugin-1.6 for running ant tasks from pom.xml or not?

  4. How can i put jars from build path to repository?

Thanks, Bhupendra K.

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1 Answer

  1. Simply not. cause Maven has a build life-cylce

  2. You have to understand that Maven has a build life-cylce and that is your plan. You must forget the Ant Targets.

    The lifecycle has for example test-compile (compile the unit tests) and compile (compiling your production code. And further steps are running the unit tests and finally packaging your production code into a jar file.

  3. It's not a good idea to use maven-antrun-plugin (only in very very very very rare cases).

  4. Via mvn release:prepare release:perform or via mvn deploy (for SNAPSHOT's)

I recommend to read Books about Maven in particular Maven by Example and Maven: The Complete Reference

If you working in a company you should think hard about setting up a repository manager (for example Nexus or Archiva etc.).

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