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I have this line in a template:

<a href="<?php echo url_for('category_set_representative_image', array('aux' => 4, 'sf_subject' => $category)) ?>">jander</a>

So as you can guess when I click that link, it executes an action. Inside that action I have this:


It's printing 4 and NULL. Why NULL? I expected the $category object was showed..

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You can't get the sf_subject parameter that way. You can only use the sf_subject with the sfDoctrineRoute or sfPropelRoute. In your code you can then get the selected object with $this->getRoute()->getObject().

(and please, accept the answers in your other questions :-) )

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Thanks Grad,it works :). I would like to accept this stackoverflow.com/questions/6995530/… but I can't find a solution, any idea? –  ziiweb Aug 10 '11 at 13:55

What is the html representation of your first line?

Seems like in your template $category is not defined, so the < a > should looks like

foo.php?aux=4&sf_subject=null or

Define the category in your template :-)

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