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I have a couple of tables and have defined relationships for them.

{Table Department} {Table Unit} {Table Branch}

A Department can have more than one branch, a branch can only belong to one department. I need to be able to get the department name, departmentid, branchname

Branch has an instance of departmentid in it.

How do I pull this in one ORM call?

class Model_Admin_Departments extends ORM


protected $_has_many = array('branches' => array ());

class Model_Admin_Branches extends ORM

{ protected $_belongs_to = array('departments ' => array());

I have also created the foreign key constraints on the db side with action cascade on delete. Could this cause problems or that is fine?

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Assuming you have the right relationships declared you should be able to use the with(...) method on your ORM object.

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I am getting Undefined index: division_id. Look at my code sample in the new edit. – Kenyana Aug 10 '11 at 8:25
I got the problem. I needed to declare the foreign key in the relationship declaration to make it work. The default was looking for 'declarationname_id' This link saved me a lot:… – Kenyana Aug 10 '11 at 9:00

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