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I am using this function to get a cookie and write its value on an hidden field:

var tuitting_cookie = $.cookie("tuittingID");

The problem is that the Cookie is generated in the same page where this jQuery cookie function is.

So at the very first load of the page the cookie is not yet available.

What I need to do is maybe set up a time out function that will check the cookie every second and will write the value in that field as soon as the Cookie becomes available in the browser..

How can I do it? IS there a better solution..

Let me know

Thanks very much!!

P.S the cookie is generated by a PHP function. I cannot directly generate the cookie with jQuery. So I just need a way to check the cookie every second and write the cookie in that field as soon as the cookie becomes available in the browser.

Thanks again!

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But how and when do you exactly generate that cookie? –  Sleeperson Aug 10 '11 at 8:27
I am suffering from exactly this issue. Thanks for posting! –  GrooveStomp Jun 14 '12 at 18:34

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Wrap that code in a function and add it as a callback to when you set the cookie.

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