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Some days early,my pm asked us to use maven and jetty to development and debug the app,but i had never used them any more. Right now , i can't to hot deploy the app with out restart the jetty,if i modify the app with restart the jetty every time ,i will be crazy.It waste lot of time.

So,i hope somebody can help me that,how to config this.


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This is my jetty-maven-plugin setting. When you recompile your code, the plugin will check every 10 secs to reload the new classes.

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When I was using maven 2 and maven jetty plugin 7.4.5 it worked fine, but after migrating to maven 3 it didn't work anynore. A simple -yet not optimal solution- that i found in another forum consists in using this entry in the configuration of the plugin:


Althoug it doesn't fix the issue of automatically hot-redeploying your app if any change is detected, it allows you to restart you app by simply hitting the "enter" key.

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