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I want to parse web page (catalog) using some Ruby libraries for that and store it to the database. Currently it is hard for me what to choose what kind of library is the best for such kind of purposes. I'm familiar with Hpricot but I'm not really sore that nowadays it is on the edge.

P.S - Or any kind of data to parse URL-s?

Thank you!

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I think for HTML parsing nokogiri with open-uri is best.

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Why do you care about a library, that "nowadays is on the edge"? If you feel yourself confidently with Hpricot, then use it. Don't waste your time on endless seeks: merely start writing a program. That is my answer.

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Hehe, I was looking to quote Hpricot author on this matter, and I've found this comment:

Hpricot was the work of the hacker _why who has now disappeared. But even before he disappeared nokogiri overtook hpricot in performance. He even tweeted "caller asks, “should i use hpricot or nokogiri?” if you're NOT me: use nokogiri. and if you're me: well cut it out, stop being me"

And here is a link to a comment I've quoted: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1955644

Summing this up: go with Nokogiri.

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