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I am struggling to come up with a process to upload a file with a form i am working on an application that needs the user to upload a file then insert it into a database.

i have setup a database with.

   TABLE - tracks
    track_file // This is where i need the uploaded file to go

I am stuck on process here is where i have got so far. http://html5up.users35.interdns.co.uk/

I am looking at doing a you tube style filling out the form while your file uploads, the file could be up to 2gig, then insert file when completed into sessions id here is a snippet of my file-upload.php

mysql_query("UPDATE tracks SET track_file = '".$file_name."'
WHERE session_id = '".$_SESSION['id']."'");

Can someone please help me with the correct process or at least a decent tutorial or way off doing this correctly been Googling for ages.

Is passing a session id the correct way to do this?

Any help please everyone

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  1. mysql_* functions will be deprecated soon, use PDO or mysqli
  2. Don't store files in the database, try to store only paths to the files.
  3. Learn, how to sanitize SQL-queries.
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Hi oz i am only storing the file name in the database the files are stored on the server. – DCHP Aug 10 '11 at 8:53

You can store your files into the database (See Why store binary data in MySQL?), in MySQL that's done in a BLOB field.

You insert the data into the table by reading it from the uploaded file and then send that data over to the database with a standard SQL query.

There are plenty of tutorials available on the web, one is Uploading Files To MySQL Database.

If you store the file on disk, then just store the file on disk. Just take care that the insertion/updating/deleting of the data in the database is atomic with the operation on the file (creation of the file/updating;renaming/deletion).

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hi hakre thanks for the response its more the process i am after i found tonnes of file upload tutorials like this also but now off them implement a upload progress bar drag and drop or anything with a nice ui, and no info on upload progress unless you are using chrome. do you know of any example with a nice uploader??? thanks – DCHP Aug 10 '11 at 9:52

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