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i installed NPM without problems but whenever i try to install a module the terminal just hangs and does nothing (at least it seems like it does nothing ...) i waited for 5min but nothing changes.

screenshot terminal


using node version 0.5.4-pre and npm 1.0.23

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Best way to get around this is:

1) Remove your node directory

$ rm -rf node

2) get branch 0.4

$ git clone -b v0.4 git://

3) Compile and install it (sudo)

$ sudo su -
$ cd node
$ make clean
$ ./configure
$ make -j
$ sudo su -
# make install

4) Re-download & install npm, this is important!

# curl | sh

5) Exit sudo, rebuild your search index and install your module

# exit
$ npm search
$ npm install mysql
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downgraded to node 0.4.10 and now everything is working alright.

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git clone -b v0.4 – MichaelICE Aug 11 '11 at 1:57

The same problem was solved after reinstall nodejs and npm. Then I write simple installation shell script to automatic installation with modules. And as i know it's not recomended to run node from root.

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didn't work for me :( – pkyeck Aug 10 '11 at 19:17

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