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I have a big form on my website that takes a little longer than usual to load the next page.

Is there an easy way to switch my 'Submit' button to an animated "Loading..." graphic once clicked? Just so the user knows we're still working on the submission.

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This is typically achieved by hidihg or disabling the submti button before making the ajax call and then reverting the change on the complete handler. Example:

$('#submit').click(function() {

        complete: function() {

The complete handler is useful in this case as it is run both in the case of a successful response and an error response.

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Many thanks, a'r. Sadly I'm not in a position to test right now, but will do shortly. Thanks again for your speedy reply. Will let you know how I go :D –  michaelmcgurk Aug 10 '11 at 9:51
jQuery's .submit() may be more appropriate! And the AJAX call shouldn't be required, since it's only a regular form submisison. –  Gaurav Gupta Aug 10 '11 at 10:38

You want to use jQuery's submit event handler:

$('#target').submit(function() {
  alert('Handler for .submit() called.');
  return false;
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