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I have a DataView, which has been sorted in some order. How can I retrieve the values using an index.

Something like this:

  --- do something ---  
  --- something else ---
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Try the following code

Move the sorted DataView to DataTable like

DataTable dt = dv.ToTable(); 

Then use

if (dt.Rows[0]["name"] == "xxx")

It will work.

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Did you try:

DataRowView rowView = dv[index];
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I don't quite know if this is the answer you're looking for:

if (dv.Rows[0].Cells["CellName"].Value == "ABCD")

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Rather than converting the whole thing back to a Table, you can work with the DataView directly:

To get a row from a DataView, you use the Item property, which returns a DataRowView, and you can then call Item to get at the cells, all of which can be shortened to:

// Returns object, so needs to be cast to your required type:
if ((string)dv[0]["CellName"] == "ABCD")
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