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I want to calculate difference between two dates (using SQL Request) with this format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss",the result should be in hours/minutes.

example: "2011-08-02 18:00:00" - "2011-08-03 09:01:00" = 15h and 1 min

1/I haven't found a function that calculate what I want ,just found TIMEDIFF() and DATEDIFF()

2/Also my request don't work because the subquery return more than one row ,I have tried to calculate with datediff to only test the request

select sum(DATEDIFF((select changegroup.CREATED
from changegroup,changeitem
where changegroup.id=changeitem.groupid
and oldString='Closed'
and changegroup.issueid=10301),
(select changegroup.CREATED
where changegroup.id=changeitem.groupid
and newString='Closed'
and changegroup.issueid=10301))) as somme
from changegroup,changeitem;

How can I calculate the difference between two dates and how can I fix my sql request?

thank you

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  1. the following returns "15h and 01 min" which I think is the format you wanted

    SELECT TIME_FORMAT(TIMEDIFF('2011-08-03 09:01:00','2011-08-02 18:00:00'), '%Hh and %i min')

  2. hard to anwer without knowing more about the two tables you're querying. Could you expand your question a little?

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Thank you very much for the TIME_FORMAT() ,I will update my post to add more details –  rym Aug 10 '11 at 10:38

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