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I'm trying to get a better workflow with bzr between deploy server and local development machine.

Web server running as www-user and bzr-login with local account, wdev. at server groups are setup, www-user: www-user,wdev and vice versa.

For simplicity, urgent bugfixes are fixed in trunk at server through ssh.

What would be the recommended setup? Trunk in /home/wdev?

Should the deployment be a trunk or branch?

Currently, I have to su root to commit, which puzzels me.. I can "su www-data" and have read/write access. Still, the webserver still doesn't have write permissions with php. Current solution is chown:ing everything to www-data, a dislikable solutions since any merge would blur new files with wdev-ownership.

Thankful for any basic howto regarding prefered setup

(this is more or less a x-post from http://serverfault.com/questions/299436/directory-rights-with-webserver-and-bzr but didn't get much response there).


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By trunk I assume you mean the master-branch ? With distributed revision control systems there is no distinction between a trunk and a branch it is just a convention, so just organise them so they are convenient for you.

Maybe you can use sticky bits: http://michael.lustfield.net/content/creating-your-own-bazaar-server I have not had it working nicely ever (maybe I did it wrong), so I use a cronjob to fixup permissions hourly.

If you use a smart server all the users commit through 1 os user, so the permissions are handled at another level.

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Ah, thanks for reply. Bash and cron are great but no need for it would be even better... ;-| –  user247245 Aug 12 '11 at 13:06

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