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I've got an app which should access its DB (via NHibernate) and perform web service calls (via WCF) in a single distributed transaction (which is propagated to called web services via WS-AT). For now I explicitly create TransactionScope and then open NHibernate sessions and perform WCF calls inside. Can I make Castle ATM create TransactionScope for me (or by any other means make WCF aware of the current transaction) or is it only able to manage NHibernate transactions?

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So I'm the author of that service.

Version 3 which is currently in beta (the IO-bits are alpha, transactions are GA), sets the so called 'ambient transaction' - this is what TransactionScope is using behind the scenes.

This means that your transaction will flow across service boundaries.

The best way to get version 3 is by install-package castle.services.transaction and castle.facilities.autotx

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Thanks. V3.0.201 works fine. –  Alexey B. Aug 11 '11 at 11:44

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