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Whenever I build a project using TeamCity, it uses Fast SVN Update

Can anyone tell me how can I disable this feature ?

[16:23:33]: [VCS Root: Project-A] Will use fast SVN update

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Use system property

Can be set in or as a system property of build agent to set a threshold when non-fast checkout will be performed on build agent. Current default value is .15, set to 0 to disable fast checkout on agent.

For the value to take effect deleting file buildAgent/work/fast.svn.update.dat may be required.

Hope this helps,


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If you're certain that a full checkout (rather than just an SVN update) is required, then you can use TeamCity's Clean Checkout feature:

You can enforce clean sources action for a build configuration from the Build Configuration home page (Actions drop-down in the top right corner), or for an agent from the Agent Details page. The action opens a list of agents/build configurations to clean sources for.

You can also enable automatic cleaning the sources before every build, if you check the option Clean all files before build on the Create/Edit Build Configuration> Version Control Settings page. If this option is checked, TeamCity performs a full checkout before each build.

Of course, your builds will take longer to run since the entire working copy is being fetched each time, but that shouldn't be a noticeable issue for small projects.

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