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I want to create simple form which will display errors if input is not proper means if validation fails. I am using spring 3.0 annotations.

I did following things

1 : Created JSP 2 : Created Controller 3 : Created DTO 4 : Created org.springframework.validation.Validator (write an implementation the necessary methods)

int error = bindingResult.getErrorCount() returning the error count and even my page is not being submitted which is expected but my JSP is not showing error messages

I have write on JSP.

Please guide me how to do this.

If i miss on something please let me know i will paste it.

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How about pasting your source code, jsp, controller, and config files – blong824 Aug 10 '11 at 15:40

Have a look at this answer for the structure of the controller. The important think is to have a paramter BindingResult and if this binding result contains an error you must return the same view (not redirect) again.

In the jsp code you can use the spring errors tag.

@see Spring Reference chapter The errors tag -- there is an example

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Thank You for help. :) – Ketan Aug 11 '11 at 6:34

I have solved this i have just mentioned dto object name in @ModelAttribute

public void myMethod(@Valid @ModelAttribute**("myDto")** MyDTO myDTO,
        BindingResult bindingResult, ActionResponse response,
        SessionStatus sessionStatus) 
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