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I know that it's possible to upload files to my cloud-files account in Node.js, using the following module: node-cloudfiles. But is it also possible to upload a filestream directly? In my case I am dowloading an image from a certain location in Node.js and want to upload this directly to my cloud-files account without saving the image temporary on my server.

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Of course it is possible - you can just read the documentation on Rackspace Cloud Files API ( http://docs.rackspacecloud.com/files/api/cf-devguide-latest.pdf ) and implement the necessary parts yourself.

However, I'd suggest to wait until https://github.com/nodejitsu/node-cloudfiles/pull/11 gets integrated into the trunk - then node-cloudfiles library will support uploading files using streams so you won't have to create files before uploading.

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I think i'll go for your suggestion and wait till the pull request gets integrated. Maybe I can use the request as a temporary solution. –  RobinvdVleuten Aug 10 '11 at 12:34

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