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I've been looking recently on a deep stack with 2000 recursive function calls, and was wondering how is the limit defined on the number of function calls in the stack in Java?

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Have you thought about reengineering it to be iterative? –  Milhous Aug 10 '11 at 12:00

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The limit is based on the maximum amount of stack memory that is allocated to each thread. You can configure this limit using the -Xss JVM argument. See these links for more details:

Hotspot FAQ

Using Xss To Adjust Java Default Thread Stack Size

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As the others say, it depends on the number of memory available to the JVM.

Theoretical you could compute from the memory the number of function calls, if (and this is a big if) you know the functions and their memory consumption. As a (unoptimized) recursive function has to place all locals and parameters on the stack this is very dependent on the the function. That means when you got X functions with no locals and one int parameter on the stack you get only X/4 when you got one with 2 int parameters and 2 int local variables (neglecting other stack frame overhead, as exception, return addresses, ...).

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