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I'm using Mercurial for revision control of few projects. I have Mercurial installed both on my VPS and on my local machine. I push changes from my local machine to the remote server. Everything is okay.

However, I make sometimes changes to the database (mySql) and I need to update the database back and forth so that I keep the remote and local versions in sync (using phpmyAdmin).

Isn't there a solution to push changes to mysql like push changes to my remote repository?

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Database deployment is a pain. The usual solution is to use a tool to look at your source control descrption of the database (as a set of SQL scripts) and the target database and generate/apply a script to make the two match.

Some tools that do this are:

I'm sure there are more.

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Great answer, there are a couple of tools I was not aware of. Surprisingly, this must one of the few contexts where poorly written custom scripts tend to be better than available third-party tools. –  Álvaro G. Vicario Aug 10 '11 at 12:12

Try Database Project (and Schema/Data Comparer) tools in dbForge Studio for MySQL.

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