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Using rails 2.3.11 and delayed_job 2.0.4 as a gem I get an error when using handle_asynchronously :

In my ActionMailer model, I delcared my_method and added ' handle_asynchronously :my_method' right after the declaration :

class MailSender < ActionMailer::Base
    def my_method
    handle_asynchronously :my_method

When calling MailSender.deliver_my_method the task is correctly added to the queue. But when trying to process it, it fails with the error message :

undefined method `rappel_email_without_delay' for #<YAML::Object:0x1034b85f8>

Delaying with MailSender.delay.deliver_my_method is working and the task correctly processed - But i'd rather use handle_asynchronously un my model to ensure mail are always sent in the background...

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You need to restart the worker processes using

rake jobs:work

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Also had this problem in 3.2.3.

Fixed it by restarting the DJ process after every code change.

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Yeap, this fixes it. Makes working with the Rails console a bit of a pain though. –  rcd Mar 7 '14 at 20:53

You can still declare using the handle_asynchronously macro, but the syntax for calling delayed jobs with ActionMailer is a bit different.

# without delayed_job

# with delayed_job

This was pulled from an older version of the README, but it's not in the current one, so maybe a newer version of delayed jobs worked around this nuance.

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This looks like Rails 3 mailer - I'm on rails 2.3.x Using .delay is what I'm doing now. Still, I'd like to simply use handle_asynchronously in my mailer model –  LapinLove404 Aug 10 '11 at 14:01

I ran into the same problem and eventually came across the following post. Basically the delayed_job worker seems to have difficulties unmarshalling non-ActiveRecord objects. The quick fix which worked for me is to require your class in an initializer or environment.rb, e.g.

# config/environment.rb
require 'mail_sender'
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