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I have a little problem and hope that you can help me. I want to call a instance method of a subclassed window and set the user interface up there:

#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@class MainView;//The main window

@interface DownloadedAppDelegate : NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate> {
    IBOutlet MainView*mainview;//the objects are in the same nib, outlet connected with the window

@property(nonatomic,retain) IBOutlet MainView*mainview;



#import "MainView.h"

@synthesize mainview;

- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification *)aNotification
[mainview launched];//But sometimes this code fails, I don't know why
//launched sets up the interface

-(void)dealloc {

MainView belongs to NSWindow.

Is there something wrong or something to improve? Should I build up the UI somewhere else? Do you know why this code does not work always?

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Try putting

[mainview launched];


-(void)awakeFromNib {


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Thanks for your answer. Because you was first I accepted it. –  user610246 Aug 10 '11 at 21:14

Use the debugger! Is launched even getting called?

Set a break point at the launched call and look at the value of mainview. It is nil? This is because outlets are not guaranteed to be connected until awakeFromNib.

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Thanks for your detailed explanation. Sadly I cannot accept two answers. –  user610246 Aug 10 '11 at 21:04

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