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I develop an eclipse plugin and I added an eclipse progress view to it. There is an stop button on the progress view and I want to create some kind of listener to handle the events of the cancel button, but I don't know how I can do it. I know the monitor has an isCanceled() method, but I have to create come kind of listener to listen when user clicks the stop button, while the plugin works. Please give me some advice. Thanks

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What you have to do here is check the isCanceled method often while you are on your long-running code. If isCanceled returns true, you return from your code properly.

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The progress view normally monitors Job objects; you extend org.eclipse.core.runtime.jobs.Job and implement run() to define a Job. That class has a canceling() method; you can override canceling() and set a flag to true. Then in your run() method, you just loop until that flag becomes true (or the work is done), at which point you cleanup and return.

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