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i am using php,mysql,jquery. My case is that

step 1 : i generate 10 list items step 2 : on click of each item more data about that item is to be displayed

As i can get all the data needed from database for the 10 items in step 1 itself ,should I pass all the data as serialized form input with each list item using ajax for step 2 . OR should i send a minor part through ajax and expand the data by querying for each onclick event? Which is the best way to do?

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Either way should work it just depends on the amount/ size of the data.

If you think the extra information is too large or that the page is loading too slow, I would go with the second option of 'sending the list items and create them first, then when one is clicked use ajax to get its information'.

If there isn't a lot of information I would use the first option as this will reduce the time for the extra information to load when a user click the list item.

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so do u mean that too much information need not be sent through ajax call . instead we can query it over there . so is it like we should'nt send too much information through ajax call? –  swati Aug 10 '11 at 17:47
Yes, I think you get it –  Mark Oct 1 '11 at 14:25

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