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I have an application running ok sending messages to activemq. I'm using spring.net and Nmstemplate to connect to broker. xml configuration file in general is:

<object id="ActiveMqConnectionFactory" 
        type="Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.ConnectionFactory, Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ">

<object id="ConnectionFactory"
        type="Spring.Messaging.Nms.Connections.CachingConnectionFactory, Spring.Messaging.Nms">
  <constructor-arg index="0" ref="ActiveMqConnectionFactory"/>
  <property name="SessionCacheSize" value="10"/>

<object id="NmsTemplate" 
        type="Spring.Messaging.Nms.Core.NmsTemplate, Spring.Messaging.Nms">
  <constructor-arg index="0" ref="ConnectionFactory"/>
  <property name="MessageConverter" ref="SimpleMessageConverter"/>

<object id="SimpleMessageConverter" 
        type="Spring.Messaging.Nms.Support.Converter.SimpleMessageConverter, Spring.Messaging.Nms">

Until everything is working find sending message with NmsTemplate.ConvertAndSend(); The problem is that I want to secure connection using username/password. I setup credentials in activemq configuration file and now I need to supply this credentials in code but I dont find where !! I tried with:

<object id="ActiveMqConnectionFactory" type="Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ.ConnectionFactory, Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ">
  <property name="UserName" value="usertest"/>
  <property name="Password" value="passwordtest"/>

But when sending I get "Connection already closed" exception, and the same setting credentials in code.

So, anyone have a good example or hint in how to setup username/password to send message to secured activemq broker?

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