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I have a controller named Projects. When I click on a button on the show page I execute a method which is in Projects. I want to find the ID of the current Project in this method. Here is the controller

class ProjectsController < ApplicationController
  #add idea from projects/show
  def add_idea

    @data = JSON.parse(params[:data])
    data_splited = @data["get_idea"].split('|')
    @idea =
    @idea.title = data_splited[0]
    @idea.description = data_splited[1]
    @idea.nb_of_votes = 0

    project = Project.find(params[:id]) #this doesn't work

And this is the coffeescript code corresponding to the button :

adding_idea_to_project = -> 
  $("#add_idea").click -> get_idea_title()   

get_idea_title = ->
  title = document.getElementById("title").value
  description = document.getElementById("description").value
  bank_check = document.getElementById("bank")
  if bank_check.checked == true
    data = "{\"get_idea\": \"#{title}|#{description}|#{bank_check}\"}"
    data = "{\"get_idea\": \"#{title}|#{description}\"}"
  type: "POST",
  url: "projectss/idea.json",
  data: "data=" + data

The routing is correct and is working, I just can't find the ID of the Project in the given method. Any Ideas

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Wild guess: You need to provide the ID as part of your AJAX request:

 url: "projects/add_idea/#{projectId}.json"
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