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I have a "CSV" file that uses a multi-column delimiter, so the data looks something like


Is there a way to use the Python CSV module to parse this file?


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Try to replace the multichar delimiter with the singlechar one.

Somethin like this:

class DelimitedFile:
  def __init__(self, fname, mode='rb', ind=',', outd=','):
    self.f = open(fname, mode)
    self.ind = ind
    self.outd = outd

  def __iter__(self):
    return self

  def next(self):
    line = self.f.next()
    return line.replace(self.ind, self.outd)

Use it like so:

import csv

delimiter = ','

reader = csv.reader(DelimitedFile(fileName, ind='_|#|_', outd=delimiter))

for row in reader:
  print row
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Thanks, Alex, I'll give that a shot –  zenzic Aug 11 '11 at 15:51

Python's csv module cannot process delimiters of more than one character, so the short answer to "Can the Python CSV module parse files with multi-column delimiters?" is "no". A simple test confirmed this:

reader = csv.reader(open('test.csv'), delimiter = '|#|')

Which resulted in this error:

TypeError: "delimiter" must be an 1-character string

(test.csv was a 2 row file with delimiters as shown in the code.)

Thus you'll either need to replace your delimiters with single character delimiters as @alexblum suggested, write your own parser, or find a different parser. Googling 'python csv multi-character delimiter' turned up hits to a few.

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