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Hi i am trying to use tr:poll with no success. My jspx looks like inside body tag,


        <tr:poll id="poller" interval="500" pollListener="#{sessionScope.mainBean.polled}" ></tr:poll>
        <tr:outputText value="#{sessionScope.mainBean.count }" partialTriggers="poller"></tr:outputText>


And main bean looks like

public class MainBean
private String user;
private int count = 0;

public MainBean(String user)
    this.user = user;

public void polled(org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.event.PollEvent poe)
    System.out.println(count + "polled by "+user);

public int getCount()
    return count;


But the polled gets called only once.

What is wrong here?


Hi all,

it seems i am so lame that i cant get ppr to work at all, leave poll alone. I have uploaded archived eclipse project here, I am using JSF 2.0 and trinidad 2.0, jstl 1.2. its pretty much the same thing as described above.

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first of all your tr:document tag should be around the whole document:


Try again this way.

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That didnt helped. the document tag was used just to kick off the skin. – FUD Aug 16 '11 at 6:58
Hmm, this was the only difference I discovered, which is different to a poll solution of mine. – lkdg Aug 16 '11 at 7:15
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This one is going to be interesting, check this out

Bottomline: Remove CDATA tags from your jsp pages.

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