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Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this query, it says syntax error.But syntax looks good for me.

SELECT Errortypereport.[Job Design Control],
       Errortypereport.[Detailer Name], Errortypereport.SuppilerName,
       Errortypereport.[Part Number], Errortypereport.[Change Level],
       Errortypereport.[Event Type Selected], Errortypereport.[Tracking Number],
       Errortypereport.[Event Date], Errortypereport.[Error Type Selected],
       Errortypereport.[Sub Type Selected], Errortypereport.ErrorSubTypeComment,
       Errortypereport.[Fundamental Errors Qty],
       Errortypereport.[Information Errors Qty],
       Errortypereport.[Readability Errors Qty], Errortypereport.[Error Sub Type Ref],
       Errortypereport.Enteredby, Errortypereport.[Wrapper engineer]
FROM Errortypereport INNER JOIN
     POSBLD ON (Errortypereport.Part Number)=(POSBLD.PartNumber)
           And (Errortypereport.Change Level)=( POSBLD.ChangeLevel);

error message is: syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '(Errortypereport.Part Number)=(POSBLD.PartNumber) And (Errortypereport.Change Level)=( POSBLD.ChangeLevel)'

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I put your query in a code format block. Could you post the full error message? – Kieren Johnstone Aug 10 '11 at 14:38
In your select statement you properly select Errortypereport.[Part Number]. But in your ON condition for your join you forgot to add [ ]'s to the fields Part Number and Change Level. If you have spaces in column names you need to wrap them around [ ]'s. – JonH Aug 10 '11 at 14:42
@angiee - i noticed this issue is still open, have you resolved it? If so please mark the answer as accepted. – JonH May 2 '12 at 16:08

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If you have spaces in column names you need to wrap them around [ ]'s.

There is a space between Part and Number in your On as well as change level

ON (Errortypereport.Part Number)=(POSBLD.PartNumber) And (Errortypereport.Change Level)=( POSBLD.ChangeLevel);

Change it to:

ON (Errortypereport.[Part Number])=(POSBLD.PartNumber) And (Errortypereport.[Change Level])=( POSBLD.ChangeLevel);
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ON Errortypereport.[Part Number]


Errortypereport.[Change Level]
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If a column name is a reserved word or contains a space; Errortypereport.Part Number it must be escaped with [] such that you use; Errortypereport.[Part Number].

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You are missing some brackets on your JOIN. I would also use a table alias for readability.

    E.[Job Design Control], 
    E.[Detailer Name], 
    E.[Part Number], 
    E.[Change Level], 
    E.[Event Type Selected], 
    E.[Tracking Number], 
    E.[Event Date], 
    E.[Error Type Selected], 
    E.[Sub Type Selected], 
    E.[Fundamental Errors Qty], 
    E.[Information Errors Qty], 
    E.[Readability Errors Qty], 
    E.[Error Sub Type Ref], 
    E.[Wrapper engineer]
FROM Errortypereport E 
    ON (E.[Part Number])=(POSBLD.PartNumber) 
        AND (E.[Change Level])=(POSBLD.ChangeLevel);
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