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how would i access the the url with comparisons in tastypie? for instance if my filters are set up like this:

filtering = {
        "room"  :   ALL_WITH_RELATIONS,
        "date"  :   ['exact', 'range'],
        "time"  :   ['gte', 'lte']

how would i specify the time-range i want in the GET request? i know that ?format=json&date=2011-01-01 will return all on that day, but to filter with comparisons doesn't work e.g. ?format=json&time<=08:00

obviously the comparisons arent triggered by using standard "<" ">" "<=" ">=" operators so what should i use?

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You should use the same expression as in the django ORM:


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thanks, it works. – sw00 Aug 10 '11 at 15:29

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