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I'm creating a small program in Visual Basic, using Visual Studio 2010, which communicates with a GSM modem via serial port. The connection works, I can even communicate properly with the modem and I can also send sms and mms .. But I can not handle the modem answers ... I'll explain: If I send a command like AT + CSQ modem replies with + CSQ 22.0. This command gives me the value of the signal as a response on a scale of 0-30 ... I can see on the screen (in a dedicated console) but I would like to manage the response in the sense that I would do something like that

IF (answer.text = "+CSQ 22,0") Then 
      label1.text = "Good"
       label1.text = "Bad"

Is it possible?

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You need to parse the response. That ought to be as easy as String.SubString() to carve out the digits, Double.TryParse() to convert it to a number. –  Hans Passant Aug 10 '11 at 15:50

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Try using SerialPort ReadLine method to get the response to the command you send.

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