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If you were to build a telecoms application what framework would you use? For example to build one of the following applications:

  • sms messaging server, or an SMSC
  • A media gateway supporting TDM, RTP, RTCP. H.248
  • A RNC or other GSM/UMTS radio node

The common theme is that they are generally message driven but are not http based, so are not obvious candidates for the many web application frameworks (J2EE, Codeigniter, Ruby on rails etc) or stacks (LAMP etc).

Most tend to be built from the ground up as far as I am aware and it does seem that some sort of basic framework with the following capabilities would be useful:

  • a message driven architecture
  • ability to develop and plug-in protocol stacks
  • support for common protocols like RTP, RTCP, SCTP, H.248 etc
  • common admin, management, logging etc facilities
  • some support or plug in mechanism for non IP hardware interfaces on the underlying server if necessary (e.g. TDM cards)

Is anyone aware of such a framework with a reasonably large user base?

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What "kind of telecoms" application? A very vague requirement. –  user166390 Aug 10 '11 at 16:01
An SMSC, a MGW (Media gateway) or an RNC for example... these are good examples of telecoms applications which share a need for fast, reliable, non HTTP messaging (mostly) and which are largely event (or message) driven. –  Mick Aug 15 '11 at 14:57

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If you were looking to build a telecom application using a framework, my answer would be different depending on if I were actually building the service application or building a service management application. In the telecom world, a framework for developing a service application is usually referred to as a SDP, Service Delivery Platform. In LinkedIn there is a group called SDP where you might find more help. These platforms deliver a particular service. Another way to address the question is to use a service management framework that manages, monitors, and analyzes these services - commonly called Service Management in the TeleManagement Forum's Frameworx (meaning frame of reference) TAM or eTOM models. In the first instance you would use signalling information to know what to do next in order to make the service work. In the second instance you may be using the same signalling stream but using info messages to tell you how well, or poorly the service is working. If you are looking for a Service Management Framework, check out OSSera. If you are looking for a SDP, check out the TMF members who have SDPs or the LinkedIn group.

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Thanks for the response. SDP are typically used at the 'IN' or application or service layer of a network. I am more interested in the session control or bearer layers of the network - the boxes that actually set up the calls and move the voice, video, data etc around. –  Mick Dec 7 '11 at 22:20

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