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Is there a plugin for Eclipse that allows you to write C# code using the .Net Framework and not Mono?

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Use Emonic.
See the FAQ:

Which .NET implementations can I use?

Microsoft's implementation as well as Mono :-) Emonic supports .net 1.* as well as .net 2.* and 3.*.

Which compiler is used to compile the sources?

Emonic does not use a compiler directly. The build mechanism writes creates a build file and invokes a build command on that build file. Thus, the compiler used is the compiler which is configured in the build's setup. At the moment, Apache Ant and NAnt is supported as a build mechanism. In the case of NAnt, you can choose the compiler via a command line flag. You can write this flag in the Emonic preferences of the nant-start to force emonic to use this compiler.

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