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If I configure a workflow to start when an item is changed, how can I tell which field changed to initiate the workflow? What I have in mind is I really only want the workflow to fire if one particular field changes and fall through any other time.

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Your title is a bit different than your question so i'll answer what I think is your question with a tutorial article.

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Yes, you interpreted my question correctly and this tutorial presents a viable work around. Thanks. – Camenwolf Aug 10 '11 at 16:51

In simple terms, you can't.

Workflows don't hold "pre-change" and "post-change" properties like some events do.

The only thing you can do in a workflow is to check if a field value is "==" or "!=" to a value.

Some possible workarounds:

  1. What you can do is write a event reciever to catch the list item updating event and then act on the data. James Love explained this in a great answer to "How can I detect whether a specific column changed in an SPItemEventReceiver.ItemUpdated event (SP 2010)?".
  2. You can add a "hidden" field to the list that gets updated by the workflow when the list changes. This would hold the "old" value. Not practical, but simpler to implement than an event receiver.
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