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I am using the Rhomobile framework to develop an application that is supposed to run on different mobile phones. The tutorial mentions how to write tests for the example model: Person. In fact, the framework provides a command-line tool rhogen spec to generate the dummy tests for the models. How would I go about writing tests for the controller class: PersonController? I was thinking of something similar to how one would do it in Rails, but rspec is unknown to me, and the methods post and redirect_to doesn't seem to work.

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I too would love a cookbook answer for this sort of setup. – RockMeetHardplace Aug 26 '11 at 16:51

In BDD when you want to specify the behavior of the application (this is what controllers are responsible for) - you would normally aproach that with a StoryBDD framework - use for example Cucumber . Rspec is SpecBDD and regards a different level of abstraction - it is for specifying how classess communicate with each other and what they do.

You can find many tutorials on Cucumber's github page. This one could be helpful

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