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I'm using Prototype 1.7, what I want is to run a new Ajax Request onComplete of every Ajax Request. But I don't want the Ajax Request run on the 2nd request.

Like this:

AJAX Request Made (Request #1)
+-- Run Request onComplete onComplete of Request #1 (Request #2)
+---- Do NOT run request onComplete of Request #2

AJAX Request Made (Request #3)
+-- Run Request onComplete of Request #3 (Request #4)
+---- Do NOT run request onComplete of Request #4

I know I can do this:

                        onCreate: function() { 
                        onComplete: function() {
                            new Ajax.Request('/update_active.php');
                        onUninitialized: function () {

The problem is the above creates an endless loop of Ajax Requests.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Thanks, -David

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You can set a custom option property on the responder-invoked ajax request, and then check for that, before you send the next request:

    onComplete: function(transport) {
        if( typeof transport.options.isResponder !== 'undefined' ) {
            return; // don't start a new request if the custom option is set

        // set the custom option so this request won't trigger another one
        new Ajax.Request('url', {
            isResponder: true 

You only need to set the option for the responder-triggered request. All other requests can remain unchanged

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Excellent! Thank you very much! – dcmoody Aug 10 '11 at 18:31

You can look at the callee of the request and abort if it is coming from itself.

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