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I have an application developed using phoneGap and jQuery Mobile. On the first page there is a navigation bar that the user clicks to navigate to a page which also has some ajax calls to get JSON feeds from a server. I am doing the following,

  <li><a href="sites.html" data-icon="home" class="ui-btn-active">My</a></li>
  <li><a href="profile.html" data-icon="gear">Recent</a></li>

But the page is not loading. But if I open the page directly it works nicely. My ajax calls are in the document.ready() event.

What can I do for this?

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I am not familiar with phone gap, but jQuery Mobile will automatically turn internal links into ajax calls. You shouldn't have to do anything with your document.ready().

jQuery Mobile Documentation - Page Links

In jQuery Mobile, the document.ready() only fires when the initial page loads. Also, because jQuery Mobile only pulls in content when it loads a fresh page, nothing in the header is executed. In order to simulate the effect of document.ready() on other pages, do the following:

alert('This page was just enhanced by jQuery Mobile!');
// Insert the calls that were in the document.ready() here.

jQuery Mobile Documentation - Page Scrpting

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Sorry, I think I have not explained my issue correctly. What I am doing inside my document.ready() function is some GET calls to a server to get some feeds. What I am experiencing is I cannot get those calls working when I navigate though the links to those pages. –  kasunLak Aug 10 '11 at 16:54
Ok. I updated my answer to reflect this. –  MikeKusold Aug 10 '11 at 17:15
Thanks MikeKusold. It worked. –  kasunLak Aug 12 '11 at 15:42
If it worked, I would greatly appreciate if you "Accepted" my answer by clicking on the check mark near the my answer. Thanks! –  MikeKusold Aug 12 '11 at 16:21

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