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I am creating a wordpress plugin and now I want to make an ajax call. For now I follow this method.

  1. I create a page through wordpress dashboard
  2. Create a new Template file
  3. Put my PHP function in that template file
  4. Assign that template to my new page.

So My ajax url is like that http://mywordpresssite/custom_ajax (This basically is a wordpress page but since it has a custom template selected so When I send an ajax request to this I works for me)

Now My question

I am actually tired of creating wordpress page and applying templates. Moreover my plugins are not plugnplay since I need to create template in theme folder. And if accidently someone delete that custom_ajax page from the dashboard or trash then my functionality breaks.

Is there a way to create a page (or link) through my plugin and then I put my custom function in it so If somene go to that link it actually accessing my custom function(like Code Igniter do it). My question is not specifically about ajax, I know wordpress has another way to deal with ajax but I only want to know that Is it possible to create a page or link through a plugin and point it to a custom function of plugin.

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Perhaps I am missing something, but this seems like a really strange way to do things. How come you can't just add your function to a file in your plugin directory and call it when you want to use it? Use plugin_basename whenever you want to call it.


So send your ajax call to plugin_basename(__FILE__)

UPDATE I think you need to provide more information about what exactly on the page you need to modify, but you can use wordpress hooks to add or modify content on a page. So for example you can insert code into the head of your page (css or js links, etc) by adding the following line to your plugin.

add_action('wp_head', 'your_function');

There are a whole bunch of these defined in the Wordpress Codex

You can also create your own shortcodes that could reference a file in your plugin directory.


You could then include the code in your pages by including the shortcode.

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Thanks for the reply. But as I is said my question is not specifically about ajax call. For example: Is there are way to load a php function on my-wordpress-domain/custompage. Without creating this 'custompage' page from wordpress dashboard and without editing any of the theme file or folder. – Ahsan Aug 10 '11 at 17:27
OK, I added a little bit more to my answer. – mrtsherman Aug 10 '11 at 18:38
oh common, wp guys, isn't there really a way to bind a function to the permalink, e.g. mysite.com/myplugin/action would output what myplugin_action() returns carefully wrapped into the current theme? :) – wik Sep 5 '12 at 9:43

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