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I'm designing a leader-board where we display each users ranking along with their change in ranking from the previous day. The ranking is found by simply ordering the users by the points column.

To find the change in ranking from the previous day, I'm thinking I'll have to have a cron job that stores the users rank every day at midnight.

Is it possible to write this cron job to use only one sql query? I need to design a query that stores every user's rank in the previousRank column. Any help? I'd like to do this in a constant amount of queries, not needing to process each row with PHP.

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My suggestion:

Create a previous_points column and then issue this simple query each night:

UPDATE table SET previous_points = points;

Then to display ranks by the current or previous day, simply use points or previous_points, respectively.


You could use temporary tables to make use of this data.

Here is an example:

1: Make a temporary table populated with today's rankings:

SET @rank := 0;
    (id INT(8), rank INT(6), previous_rank INT(6))
    SELECT id, @rank:= @rank + 1 AS rank
    FROM users
    ORDER BY points DESC;

2: A temporary table for yesterday's rankings:

SET @rank := 0;
    (id INT(8), rank INT(6))
    SELECT id, @rank:= @rank + 1 AS rank
    FROM users
    ORDER BY previous_points DESC;

3: Now we'll copy yesterday's rankings to today's table for convenience:

UPDATE ranks_today, ranks_yesterday
SET ranks_today.previous_rank = ranks_yesterday.rank
WHERE ranks_today.id = ranks_yesterday.id;

4: Finally, a query that shows the user's name, ranks for today and yesterday as well as the change:

SELECT u.name, t.rank, t.previous_rank, t.previous_rank - t.rank `change`
FROM ranks_today t, users u
WHERE u.id = t.id;

You could optionally create rank and previous_rank columns in your users table if you want and update those in step 3.

Here is sample output from the query:

name        rank    previous_rank    change
----        ----    -------------    ------
Fred        1       2                1
Betty       2       5                3
Barney      3       3                0
Bam Bam     4       1                -3
Wilma       5       4                -1
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good thought, but not quite what I want: I don't need the ability efficiently display the rank from the previous day, but I need the ability to efficiently display the current rank along with the "change in rank" from the previous day. –  Jonah Aug 10 '11 at 17:29
@all how you going to handle when multiple users having same points? –  ajreal Aug 10 '11 at 18:01
Users with the same point value adds a small spanner to the works, the OP will have to decide what order they should be ranked. One solution when calculating ranks is to add additional columns to the ORDER BY clause, so that ranking is determined by more than points alone. (i.e. ORDER BY points, last_name... or ORDER BY points, most_recent_points_awarded_datetime...) –  JYelton Aug 10 '11 at 18:07
This seems pretty close to the solution. Temporary tables only last for one session however.. Why use temporary tables however? It does not seem efficient.. I cant be creating temporary tables every time I need to fetch this ranking data for the end user –  Jonah Aug 10 '11 at 18:18
You can use temporary tables to create the rankings and populate your users table once per day. If the points change and you want to re-rank more often than that, you may want to create such tables on the fly. Mostly it just depends on how "live" you want the data to be. –  JYelton Aug 10 '11 at 19:33

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